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http://www. sil. org/silepubs/Pubs/928474543236/e-Books_30_Pet_Arawak_Suriname. pdf

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1. , AM, A:) The first vowel, the neutral vowel, is inherent in all independent forms of consonants. 2.

As HINDI 20 has been mentioned above, many educated Hindi speakers from the Eastern region have only this sibilant in their sound system. 2. bah ‘arm’ English and Perso-Arabic Borrowings Several consonants have been added to the above inventory as a result of lexical borrowings from English and Perso-Arabic. These are as follows: q a voiceless post-velar (uvular) plosive, only found in the careful speech of educated Hindi speakers conscious of the Perso-Arabic source of the borrowed lexical items.

Nasal + consonant: ֊k, ֊kh, ֊g, ֊gh, nk, ng, nc, nch, nj, njh, nc, nj, n֒, n֒h, n‫م‬, nt, nth, nd, ndh, nn, nh, mk, mg, mc, mch, mj, m֒, m‫ײ‬, mt, mdh, mn, mp, mb, mbh, mm, mr, ml, mh The following words exemplify the homorganic as well as divergent consonant clusters involving nasals: ‫م‬ə֊ka ‘a kettle-drum’, pə֊kha ‘fan’, bhə֊gī ‘a caste’, kə֊gha ‘comb’, sənkī ‘capricious’, bangī ‘sample’, ancəl ‘fringe of a saree’, pənchī ‘bird’, kənjər ‘a nomadic tribe’, jhənjhə֒ ‘bother’, əncaha ‘unwanted’, ənjana ‘unknown’, ən֒ī ‘knot’, kən֒hī ‘a necklace of holy basil seeds’, ən‫م‬a ‘egg’, untīs ‘twenty-nine’, kəntha ‘a patchwork quilt’, gənda ‘dirty’, əndha ‘blind’, pənha ‘a type of shoe’, jhumka ‘a type of earring’, cəmgadə‫‘ ײ‬bat (mammal)’, cəmca ‘spoon’, gəmcha ‘towel’, səmjha ‘understood’, cim֒a ‘tong’, cəm‫ײ‬a ‘leather’, gomtī ‘(the river) Gomti’, səmdhī ‘one’s children’s parents-in-law’, samna ‘face-to-face 24 HINDI encounter’, cəmpī ‘massage’, tumba ‘a gourd’, khumbhī ‘mushroom’, cəmməc ‘tea spoon’, kəmra ‘a room’, simla ‘a place name’, tumhe ‘to you’.

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