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By Robert S. Ellwood

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The explosive occasions of Jonestown and Koreagate have riveted the eyes of the US at the burgeoning and principally misunderstood stream of up to date spiritual cults. Robert S. Elwood makes an attempt to extra our figuring out of those occult, mystical and jap non secular events within the usa by means of putting them in a a distinctively American context, demonstrating that they're neither new or alien.

This compact quantity combines striking volume of ancient details with present interpretative theories approximately deepest pilgrimages and sectarian differentiation. the writer covers a variety of emergent, non-normative spiritual varieties and notes that they've omprised myriad contributors, every one following comparable styles of non-public excursus or quests for internal attention. After discussing the typical good points of such non secular festiveness, Ellwood highlights Shaker Spiritualism, Theosophy, and as illustrative of a continuing and sundry culture of spiritual experimentation in America.... maybe this book's maximum contribution is to make it very unlikely to any extent further to disregard those religions as actual expressions of religious drawback which mainline church buildings test vainly to demonize
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Milton Yinger's monumental work in the Troeltschean tradition of sociology of religion. Religion, Society, and the Individual. ^'^ The sort of religion we are concerned with \s, what here finds its structural expression in the "cult," an entity at the opposite end of the scale from the Universal Church, the Ecclesia, or even the Denomination. It is characterized as being of small size and short life, centered around the charismatic leader, having beliefs at great variance with those of the community, basically concerned with mystical experience and personal problems.

Also, the excursus religion will have some practices which simply reify the excursus experience. That experience is one of separation, liminality, and reincorporation as a body in another context; its rituals, especially those of initiation, may mimic it. One thinks of those Neo-Pagan and Witchcraft groups which mount impressive "classic" initiations, even to blindfoldings and mild scourgings. More likely, the ceremonies are simply rites of identity, giving one status in the group and demarcating the group from outside society.

Confrontation. metaphor of established religion, umbrella do we commonly contemplate under what metaphorical In contrast to the geological emergent religion? It is, I think, biological. Victor Turner, referring to the work of Robert A. *" It should be obvious that makes the observer aware of certain this metaphorical language phenomena, but may well Temple and Cave 15 in America HegeUan and Marxian obscure his perception of others. As in grand schemas, or dispensationalism, the significance of the small but, arguably, only real historical units, microevents lives, is and individual likely to be collapsed into the significance of where they fall in the process.

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