All About History: Book Of Greatest Battles, 2nd Edition - download pdf or read online

By Jon White, Aaron Asadi

ISBN-10: 1785463144

ISBN-13: 9781785463143

Assessment: a lot of background is dependent upon victories and defeats in conflict. learn the strategies and techniques that formed the world’s most vital campaigns via designated conflict maps, diagrams and poignant photographs. comprehend what elements contributed to the results and discover how such occasions have formed the identification of societies around the globe.

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Despite having superior numbers, his legions were both outthought and outfought by Parthian horse archers. Having not studied Parthian tactics, the Roman cavalry was drawn out by the mounted archers, leaving their infantry exposed, and they were quickly encircled and massacred. Even though they were in the standard Roman defensive square position, volley after volley of arrows pierced the Roman armour and 20,000 were killed in the catastrophic, ego-driven conlict. Crassus’s death shortly after led to civil war in the Republic and rumours persist that when he was killed, molten gold was poured into his mouth as a inal allusion to his greed.

Russia had an army of almost six million – the largest in the world at the time – and its full might was launched at the Germans in 1914. Even though they had by far and away the most manpower, poor leadership from the likes of Samsonov and an archaic communication system caused the Russian Imperial Army to stumble. Ignoring AustriaHungary, the Russians headed straight for Germany but were let down by their poor strategy and almost three million men were killed or wounded after Tannenberg and Lodz.

By the time he finally awoke, hundreds of troops had made their way across. In farcical scenes, Wallace watched bemused as Surrey ordered the troops back over the bridge to the south of the river once more. It showed a dismissive attitude to the Scots – it meant Surrey cared little about the embarrassing, disorganised appearance this would display to the opposition. The English, his actions said, would win no matter what time he ordered his troops over. As Wallace stood on high ground, able to see everything around him, he could see the trap that the English would be walking into and knew they were overconfident.

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