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The briefest of the short! provides brief descriptions of a multitiude of issues, plus symptoms on different VSIs (Very brief Introductions) that might provide extra (but nonetheless short!) informative introductions....

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On the other hand, in the Asterix cartoon-strips the tables are turned on the powerful, as the last remnants in the last corner of a free Gaul magically overpower the legions of Caesar, mock the dull wits and flabby physiques of his officers and soldiers, and in the end return to their ‘Arcadian’ village to feast and sup as (the myth lies) they always will. ‘You could not find two better introducers to the Classics than Mary Beard and John Henderson. They are questioning, funny, bold, and widely read in many fields.

The consolidation of Roman power in Asia Minor and the annexation of Syria meant that even these sums could be exceeded. In 62 bc, the victorious Pompey returned from the East with booty worth nearly seventy commissions; they relied on the personal loyalty of their troops and the threat of violence to enforce their continued active involvement in politics. When Julius Caesar completed his tour of duty in Gaul he refused to stand down, as he was constitutionally required to do. In January 49 bc, at the head of his army of veterans, battle-hardened after eight years of campaigning, he crossed the river Rubicon (which marked the southern territorial limit of his command) and marched on Rome.

4. 5. 6. 7. The death of God Relativism Egoism Evolutionary Theory Determinism and futility Unreasonable demands False consciousness Medical Ethics Tony Hope Ethical issues in medicine are rarely out of the media, and are of particular relevance to the general public and the medical practitioner alike. In this Very Short Introduction, Tony Hope deals with a range of thorny moral questions, some of which are age-old, like euthanasia and the morality of killing, and others of which have arisen with recent advances in medical technology.

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