A Taste Of Fire (Zebra Historical Romance) - download pdf or read online

By Hannah Howell

ISBN-10: 0821771337

ISBN-13: 9780821771334

Antonie Ramirez may perhaps experience and shoot in addition to any man-and higher than so much. Now, the headstrong attractiveness had come to Texas to honor her father's final phrases: locate the farm animals rancher named Royal Bancroft and pay off him for saving lives some time past. Royal Bancroft did not understand who used to be at the back of the outlaws attempting to force him off his land, yet he may struggle to the demise instead of lose it. but along with his sister and brother abducted, he felt defeat run via him like a sit back wind.until a woman with cornsilk hair and a gradual gunhand rode into his lifestyles. Antonie used to be wild, difficult, and hurting inside of, and Royal knew from the instant he observed her that, if he attempted to tame her, he'd holiday her spirit. in its place, he could enable her journey with him as an equivalent associate, struggle beside him for a destiny, and are available to him as a lady on hearth for blazing love..

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He wanted to pull her closer not scare her away. As they swam, he noticed that she kept just out of his reach. The occasional glimpse of her slim limbs tantalized him. He could not be quite sure of exactly what, if anything, she was wearing. Finally, he stopped, standing in water that reached to his waist. “You swim like a fish,” he remarked as she came to a stop far enough away so that the water covered all but her sleek shoulders. ” Her hand itched to smooth over his taut skin as she admired his lightly haired chest.

You taste delicious. ” He gently nipped her taut stomach. “It is my bed. I should kick you out. ” “That sounds interesting,” she purred. “Consider yourself kicked out of the bed, gringo. ” “My pleasure,” he rasped as he prepared to kiss her. “No, señor,” she murmured against his lips. ” She made no secret of that, much to Royal’s delight. If there had ever been a woman so open in her sensuality, he could not remember having her. The sound of her passion-thickened voice murmuring in Spanish and English sent his own passion to new heights.

With a gasp of delight she knelt in the midst of the tussling puppies, who were evidently being weaned despite their reluctance. In a moment she had chosen one that reminded her strongly of Sage with its golden coat, mournful brown eyes, and large paws that, for now, made the puppy very clumsy. ” she cried, standing up with the wriggling puppy in her arms. ” Royal was trying to think of a polite way to send Marilyn on her way so that he could get some work done when Antonie burst into the dining room.

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