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By Jimmy Buffett

ISBN-10: 031601429X

ISBN-13: 9780316014298

'A Salty Piece of Land' is the story of cowboy Tully Mars's fabulous adventures as he visits the lighthouse on Cayo Loco, a tropical island that is not on any map - the best position to run clear of all of your difficulties.

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The story had made world headlines, and I vividly remembered the photos of Willie in Life magazine, sitting on the deck of a salvage ship with his guitar, singing to the crew. He was standing on a stage that they had built out of the gold bars from the wreck, and he had been surrounded by men in bathing suits who were shouldering M16s. If I’d ever had a modern-day hero, Willie Singer fit the bill. And that is why I was completely shocked when I found him bobbing alone in a small boat, tossing a line in my direction.

The little flickers of light that had appeared on the southern horizon had turned into long, defined shafts of lightning. In a split second, they connected to the vast amount of raw energy contained in a giant, anvil-like cloud that hung over most of the horizon. By sunset, the storm had caught up with us. Captain Kirk had quickly set about securing the boat for a blow. He told me to stay at the wheel while he and the rest of the crew set about their routine procedure for handling bad weather, with one exception—dealing with a horse on deck.

He lifted the painting out of the pile and held it up to compare it with a tattoo of what looked to be the Blessed Virgin Mary that was spread across his right deltoid. “Hey, Spike. 45 automatic that she was examining as if she were a Marine drill sergeant. “She looks just like Sally Field in that TV show I loved when I was an altar boy. I must be having a goddamn senior moment. ” The woman with the gun glanced over at the painting. “The Flying Nun, and you are totally not even fucking close, Bart.

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