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By Hannah Alexander

ISBN-10: 0373786409

ISBN-13: 9780373786404

A bad mystery haunts Dr. Jama Keith. yet she needs to go back to her past—her fatherland of River Dance, Missouri—and danger publicity. She owes a debt to the city for financing her desires. If basically she will steer clear of ex-fiancé Terell Mercer—but River Dance is simply too small for that.When Terell's niece is kidnapped by way of of the FBI's so much sought after, Jama cannot refuse to help—Terell's relations have been like relations to her for a few years. the quest for younger Doriann may well fee Terell and Jama their lives. yet revealing her mystery disgrace to the guy she loves scares Jama greater than the impending danger.…

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There are lots of trees along that part of the river. " That should convince him to turn there. Didn't he and Deb need to hide from the FBI agents and police? And if they thought they could find drugs in River Dance, why go farther? "Sounds like a place I might want to visit," Clancy said. Doriann slanted a look at Deb, who didn't look mad at all. Good. She had their attention. She sank back into her seat, trying not to show her relief. Grandpa, here I come, ready or not. Doriann watched the trees whiz by, so fast that she was reminded of her mother's blender concoction of yogurt and green vegetables--an awful drink that made her feel sick just to remember the taste.

Mom said Aunt Renee was good at guilt trips. Mom should know that about her twin sister. So if Aunt Renee says I'm a great storyteller, tell Clancy a story. He does everything Deb tells him not to do. He's a lot like my cousins, and I know how to handle them. What do dopeheads want most in all the world? More dope, right? And what do I want most in all the world? Out of this truck! Clancy blasted through an intersection without even slowing at the stop sign, or checking for traffic. Had to be scorched on speed.

I know that," Jama snapped. " No emotion. Not irritation at Jama's shortness. Not concern. Nothing. " Jama clicked off, then spoke the mayor's name into her Bluetooth. Why was no staff scheduled to arrive? With one call, Jama discovered Eric Thompson was out of town for a meeting and wouldn't be back until later in the morning. She dug her only credit card out of her purse, doubting she could jimmy the lock as easily as she had at the high-school gymnasium on her graduation night. If this failed, she'd break a window.

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