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By Juan Diego Quesada

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This can be the 1st finished description of the grammatical constitution of Teribe, a language of Panama, and a member of the Chibchan kin of languages, which covers a large region starting from Northeastern Honduras, throughout the Atlantic of Nicaragua, so much of Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, to the West of Venezuela. Spoken by means of a few 1,000 humans, Teribe is at this time most likely, notwithstanding now not seriously, endangered. This grammar fills a lacuna in a twofold demeanour: it offers an in depth account of the constitution of Teribe, and in doing so, it reduces the variety of vital American Chibchan languages being undescribed. This grammar is hence meant as a contribution to the outline of the language at 3 degrees: a. language-immanent; b. Chibchan comparative grammar; c. documentation of endangered languages, specifically these of the yankee continent. Teribe is either a transparent consultant of the "Central American" positive factors of the Chibchan languages (numeral classifiers, constrained contract, no evidentials), and idiosyncratic inside those languages (having such phenomena as an inverse development and verb serialization). The learn for this e-book used to be funded in its entirety by means of the Social Sciences and arts study Council of Canada.

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Chung and Timberlake (1985: 244) and Timberlake (2007: 316) use the term ‘epistemological modality’. An example is given below. (17) The Commander in Chief of the Bolivian Armed Forces … has asked the government to expel members of the US Drug Enforcement Administration accused of committing abuses against military personnel and property. The abuses allegedly took place during a large scale operation carried out last week by anti-drugs police and DEA officials against the northern town of Santa Ana.

I have written to both the SFA and the Scottish League pointing this out. e. Morton, AVL]. (CB, sunnow) According to Nuyts, Byloo, and Diepeveen (2005, 2010), in these examples the (reported) speakers indicate the degree of moral desirability of particular SoAs, but they do not grant permission nor impose an obligation. The ‘assessors’ or modal sources commit themselves to the SoAs on the basis of moral principles. Crucially, those principles are external to the SoA under assessment. Therefore, Nuyts, Byloo, and Diepeveen (2005, 2010) classify deontic modality as an attitudinal category in the qualificational domain, as distinct from the notions of obligation and permission.

This definition still includes expressions in which permission is (reported to be) granted, or obligation is (reported to be) imposed. 6 Starting from their analysis of the Dutch modals mogen ‘may’ and moeten ‘must’, for instance, Nuyts, Byloo, and Diepeveen (2005, 2010) have argued that the meaning of examples like (11) to (14) below is very different from the traditional notions of obligation and permission (see also Nuyts 2005). 5 6 Von Wright acknowledges his colleague philosopher C. D. Broad for the term ‘deontic modality’ (1951a: 1).

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