New PDF release: A Dictionary of Grammatical Terms in Linguistics

By R. L. Trask

ISBN-10: 0415086280

ISBN-13: 9780415086288

This dictionary of grammatical phrases covers either present and conventional terminology in syntax and morphology. It contains descriptive phrases, the foremost theoretical suggestions of the main influential grammatical frameworks, and the manager phrases from mathematical and computational linguistics. It comprises over 1500 entries, supplying definitions and examples, pronunciations, the earliest resources of phrases and recommendations for additional analyzing, and suggestions approximately competing and conflicting usages. The booklet makes a speciality of non-theory-boumd descriptive phrases, that are more likely to stay present for a few years.
Aimed at scholars and lecturers of linguistics, it permits a reader questioned through a grammatical time period to appear it up and find extra analyzing conveniently.

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Finh (1951). (t cognitive grammar /'kDgnltN/ n. Any approach to grammatical description which is bas€d on. ,191). An overview of the framework is Prcsentedin Langacker(1988). rm/ n. 1. , Basque8ko, 'man' has the conbining form gid- in such formations as Sizdro 'F)or felfow' (suf6x (rorgi'r 'e'itch'). Jb) ^nd gkaaoBin'vrrcercr' 2. d -phobia. Th€ difficulty with r€garding such forms stnctly as affixes is that words can tre formed consisting entirely of such combining forms, such I biocnt aJrd elecnophile: if rhe* forms are affxes, theo such words contain tro root.

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