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By Stanley Weintraub

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The day after Thanksgiving, 5 months into the Korean struggle, common Douglas MacArthur flew to American positions within the north and grandly introduced an end-the-war-by-Christmas offensive, regardless of contemporary facts of intervention by way of Mao's chinese language troops. Marching north in plunging temperatures, normal Edward Almond's X Corps, which integrated a Marine department below the capable management of common Oliver Smith, encountered little resistance. yet millions of chinese language, who had infiltrated around the frozen Yalu River, have been mendacity in wait and might quickly catch tens of millions people troops.

Led by means of the Marines, an crushed X Corps evacuated the frigid, mountainous Chosin Reservoir vastness and fought a swarming enemy and treacherous snow and ice to arrive the coast. climate, terrain, chinese language firepower, and a 4,000-foot chasm made get away look most unlikely within the face of a vanishing Christmas. yet patience and sacrifice prevailed, and the final troopships weighed anchor on Christmas Eve.

In the culture of his Silent evening and Pearl Harbor Christmas, Stanley Weintraub provides one other gripping narrative of a wartime Christmas season.

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