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The Civil conflict comes alive in all its ardour and fury–only now the Brits are combating . . . along the Confederacy

Outraged while the U.S. army seizes 3 Confederates aboard an English crusing send, Britain retaliates via coming into the fray in aid of the Rebels–and by surprise it’s an entire new war.

Once back, cotton is king because the North’s blockade crumbles prior to the may of the Royal army. whereas Lincoln confronts the enormous problem of vanquishing robust Britannia, the Redcoats revive their 1812 penchant for burning down American towns, and Union troops see Canada as ripe for the making a choice on. From the Mississippi bayou to the Pennsylvania farmlands to the woods of Maine, the good armies of Generals supply and Lee face off within the nation’s deadliest clash. And to the victor is going historical past

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However, it was decided that Defence would be better deployed with a cruiser squadron operating further north in the Atlantic. Finally, she would be ordered to join Cradock, although she would not arrive until the battle had been fought. This left the Canopus, a battleship with 12-inch guns. Spee’s ships were much faster than Canopus and, although Spee was not to know it, his smaller guns could, in fact, outrange those on the • 46 • T H E S U R FAC E R A I D E R S British ship. Once Cradock had the superior force, he was to search the straits, though he was also to be prepared either to come back to cover the River Plate or to search as far as Valparaiso, depending upon intelligence received.

However, disaster struck on 22 September when the Germans sank • 32 • T H E WA R B E G I N S the cruisers Cressy,Aboukir, and Hogue – three of the six old Bacchantes about which Keyes and Tyrwhitt had been so worried – near the Dutch coast they were patrolling. 62 officers and 1,397 men were lost. The Navy was now just as afraid, if not more so, of the threat from submarines as it was of the High Seas Fleet. Just as the threat of the submarine had been somewhat underestimated in the British preparations for war, so had the effect of mines.

The above were the major threats to British shipping, although it is not an exhaustive list. There were other German auxiliary vessels that were able to inflict casualties. However, the most powerful and dangerous German threat was Spee’s Squadron. The Battle of Coronel After the Emden left the squadron, Spee took a course east and, in order to prepare for his arrival in South America, sent the Nürnberg on to Honolulu with instructions for German agents in South America to arrange coal and provisions.

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